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Master Magician, Chuck Jones

A girl floats and even vanishes in mid-air! A woman is suspended on the tip of sword, then accidentally impaled before the eyes of an astonished audience! A snarling tiger and cage is produced from thin air! Such is the magic and mystery of illusionist Chuck Jones! His career in magic has been long and successful, building an enviable track record that covers nearly every phase of show business -- revue shows (CAESAR’S PALACE and MGM GRAND), fairs and expositions, television, corporate shows, amusement park productions, mall shows, touring shows. The last 13 years he's toured with his own full-evening show throughout AUSTRALIA and 17 years in NEW ZEALAND--a tour that is now 3 months long and encompasses over 140 performances.

The illusionist has entertained since the age of 12, when he appeared as a magician with Johnny Carson. Chuck found his calling and thus kicked off his magical career. At 20, he landed a children’s television show on KCOP-TV in Hollywood. His personality was an immediate hit. The show ran daily for three years.

To fill the thirst for material, he began devising many of his own illusions--a talent, which he still employs. His original creation, the MIS-MADE GIRL ILLUSION (a girl is divided into four parts and accidentally assembled wrong) won him an award from the Society of American Magicians and has been widely copied by virtually every illusionist in the world.

Starting in the business very young, Chuck was fortunate to have worked with many well-established stars: Donald O'Connor, Steve Allen, Michael Landon, Mickey Rooney, George Gobel, Dennis Day, Bill Bixby, and Edgar Bergen. He even met and supplied magic illusions to Orson Welles.

Acting as a magic consultant and advisor, Chuck has supplied magical effects for episodes of Drew Carey Show, Matlock, Family Ties, Burke's Law TV series, and several television commercials. And before the audience and cameras of a Home Box Office television special, Chuck Jones vanished a 2-1/2 ton elephant! Other international TV appearances include "World Magic Show" (Japan), "Magic Palace" (syndicated), "Celebrity Revue" (Canada).

Producing magic shows of all kinds is not uncommon for Chuck. In the 70's, he created two different touring mall shows, appearing in eleven western states. In the 80's his firm, Chuck Jones Magic Enterprises, created several magic productions for amusement parks, including Knott’s Berry Farm, Tweetsie Railroad, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and Dogpatch, USA.

Chuck Jones & Co. headlined in "Masters of Magic” at CAESAR'S TAHOE. He featured more never-before-seen illusions, including the surprising appearance of a live cougar and the baffling production of, not only a TIGER, but its cage as well! He appeared for the first time in a revue show in Donn Arden's "Hello, Hollywood, Hello" at the MGM GRAND HOTEL - RENO (now BALLY'S).

His ability to dramatize a sales message with magic brought his talents to still another market--"Industrial Shows and Sales Meetings." He's appeared for IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell Corp., Fleetwood, A.T.&T., Clark Equipment Co., American Motors, A.M.D. Corp., Southern California Gas Co., among others. For Clark Equipment, he made a 3,000-pound tractor appear before an astonished audience of "Bobcat" dealers!

He has over fifty full-scale stage effects--some of the most requested magic illusions of all time. And many are his own creations: Squeeze Play, Space Age Cylinders, and Hi-Tech Levitation. His latest is called FUSION. A girl penetrates a large sheet of glass apparently without harm until the glass fuses together cutting her in half! And in a LOOK INTO THE FUTURE, an "alien" character captures the illusionist in a space machine. The surprising conclusion when the "alien" unmasks usually brings down the house!

Chuck maintains his own studio and workshop in Southern California and builds most of his own equipment. He is as much as home in the workshop as he is on stage.

And, as if all of these attributes weren't enough, Chuck Jones & Co. received the prestigious PERFORMING FELLOWSHIP AWARD from Hollywood’s world famous Magic Castle. This, in addition to the SHOWMANSHIP AWARD from the Society of American Magicians, is a great honor. He and his wife, Jan, also were given magic’s DRAGON AWARD--presented to a husband and wife team who excel in six different areas of magic.

Whether making magic on stage or off, Chuck Jones is one of America’s busiest and MOST versatile magicians today and, most likely, will be creating his special brand of legerdemain for many years to come!

CHUCK JONES: Master Showman; Spectacular Illusionist; Accomplished Performer