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  Chuck Jones & Co. have provided unrivaled FAMILY entertainment at fairs and expositions, amusement parks, malls and touring shows!
Add to this impressive track record -- they've entertained thousands of sophisticated audiences at HOTEL & CASINO SHOWROOMS, CORPORATE EVENTS and SALES MEETINGS.


Girls float and even vanish in thin air! A lady is not only sawed in half, but is divided into four parts! His “assistants” are transported from one trunk to another, projected through space, and made to appear or disappear!


The Chuck Jones repertoire includes these and more. All or part is available - a combination of some of the most original and most-requested magic illusions of all time! Every show features a powerful blend of illusions, laugh-provoking routines, and audience participation.
  "The “ohs” and “ahs” and “gasps” and “applause” must have told you how much we enjoyed your show."  
CHUCK JONES: Master Showman; Spectacular Illusionist; Accomplished Performer
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